Adobe Photoshop CS2 update 9.0.2

Update the CS2 version of Photoshop to add on extra photo editing and manipulation tools

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Adobe Photoshop CS2 update 9.0.2
Adobe Photoshop CS2 update 2014

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Update is a free update that comes from the official developers that will help fix some of the common problems you encountered in the past and give you access to new features and tools.

The most common software used by camera and photo enthusiasts is Photoshop. Adobe released several versions over the years that come with tools for removing red eye, changing colors, adding graphics and enhancing photos. Buying one of the newer versions can cost more money than you want to spend, but you might hesitate before using an older version because you want more features. This update transforms your old program and updates it to give you access to more modern tools.

One of the best features and tools that comes with this update is something called the Vanishing Point. You can now create your own grids on the top of your images and use those grids to change the perspective of the photo and make other changes. Those grids allow you to grab and move just one area of the image at a time without changing the look of the whole photo. You can also use this tool to make the background of your images match the objects or people in the forefront, which is helpful when manipulating and combining two or more images.

You shouldn't worry about the learning curve associated with using this software because this patch comes with a tutorial that Adobe developers designed to help you understand how to use the tools and top features. This tutorial actually walks you through each step and lets you experiment and try out those features before using the tools on your own photos. If you have problems with one step in that tutorial, you can watch it as many times as you need until you feel comfortable doing that step on your own.

This update will only work on computers running Photoshop CS2. If you have an older or newer version of the program, the update will not work for you. It comes in a small file that doesn't take up much space, and this file is easy to download and install. You can get the update up and running in well under an hour. This patch does not come with all the features that you'll find on the more recent versions of Photoshop though, but it comes with enough features that you can put off upgrading to a better version for some time. With this patch, you can create invisible grids to manipulate your images and use other tools to enhance and change all types of photos.


  • Solves some common glitches and problems
  • Updates CS2 to a more modern version of Photoshop
  • Installs quickly on your computer
  • Fairly small file size


  • Only works on computers running the CS2 software
  • Doesn't come with as many features as newer versions of Photoshop do
  • Better suited for amateur users than pros

Adobe has stepped up its game and released some exciting new elements in the update of Photoshop CS2. With the ability to create more dynamic layers, new cloning capabilities and a new feature called "smart objects," this version is a photographer's dream. With this latest version, you can manipulate photos and create stunning images that practically come to life from your screen.

One of the most talked-about features of the CS2 update is the enhanced cloning tool. Move a window on a house, easily cover a blemish on a face or simply crop out elements with ease. The Smart Objects feature allows you to better work with your layers, scaling them down without sacrificing the quality of your layer or causing distortion. Maintain the original scale and enjoy enhanced photo quality with a few simple clicks. Although earlier versions had a feature similar to Smart Objects, this latest version adds a bit of punch and makes it easier to use.

This version also adds a feature that significantly reduces noise in your images, a move that has delighted photographers that have struggled with image quality in the past. This latest innovation offers for better color control. The newest addition, "Image Ready," allows you to create your own GIF animations, a feature that has been long overdue.

Portrait photographers love the Spot Healing brush, a veritable magic wand when it comes to removing elements from your photos. Quickly remove a tattoo from a subject's face or blend troubled skin with ease. The Spot Healing brush is great for eliminating red eye and making minor touch ups during your edits.

This version is packed with a ton of other exciting features that were absent in earlier versions. The Lens Correction filter eliminates the distortion that often occurs when you use certain lenses in shooting. Get rid of the pincushion and barrel effect and enjoy more depth in your photos. If you have problems creating vignettes, this tool will eliminate those issues.

The new update also features some great tools for videographers. The new image preview works with any Firewire-enabled television screen or monitor, allowing you to view your images up close and personal.


New features allow for enhanced customization and control

Tons of new tools for photo correction and management

Upgraded accessibility for video sharing


Fewer upgrades to classic tools

Cloning tool can be challenging to use when editing detailed images

When it comes to the best of the best in Adobe Photoshop, the new CS-2 update is a feature-packed wonder, offering new tools that reduce noise and deliver more crisp and clear images. From quick touch-ups to completely revamped photos, you can find everything you need to create beautiful pictures with this latest version.

The new price tag on Adobe Photoshop CS-2 will delight as well. At just $599, the new version is $50 less than its predecessor. Prices for the update have also dropped and vary depending on your retailer. Photographers are signing its praises, and the new update is available for immediate download.

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